Round 6 Results

| May 6, 2012 | 9 Comments

Results can be found here.
Judge comments can be found here.

Podcast announcement can be downloaded here.

Download all videos here.


Team Lineups for Round 6 will be revealed: May 12th (12-05-2012)
Round 6 Videos will be due: May 26th (26-05-2012)
Round 6 Results will be revealed: June 2nd (02-06-2012)

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Comments (9)

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  1. neoknux_009 says:

    lol. Fun times upsb. :) gl isuk.

  2. Enkronidus says:

    Where my Eriror? =(


  3. Wilsonouh0630 says:

    Wow~FPSB and UPSB all so pro~good luck all

  4. Utkarsh says:

    OMGOMG Gonna be colse >.<

  5. Yamaguchi says:

    eriror?! why!

  6. Reason says:

    Technical: Fel2fram vs. i.suk…
    woah… this will be EPIC!

  7. skinrox says:

    i hope that gisele8 and ivabra will make good stuff, as they last one :D

  8. kOReA says:

    go upsb… but i like ivabra too.

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